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Financial Fundamentals is developed according to the highest security standards. The operator of this site is dedicated to the financial security of every client applying for the service. In order to ensure that all your details are kept confidential, we update, check and scan our system on viruses every day. Moreover, the firewall protection is constantly monitored.

How to Protect Personal Information on the Internet?

  1. You are better to use our secure contact form instead of e-mail in order to send some sensitive information.
  2. Make your passwords strong using the combination of numbers, lower and upper letters. Complex passwords sufficiently increase the security of your accounts. By the way, it is not advisable to use the same password combinations for different accounts or share them with other people.
  3. Keep your anti-virus software and web browser up to date. Install the security updates once they become accessible. Control your firewall protection – it must constantly operate.

Take Your Debt under Control

The debt accumulating is a pressing problem for many consumers, thus, the issue related to keeping personal finances under control is of great importance nowadays. Some experts advise individuals to write down all their debts on credit cards, personal loans, insurance or bills and call the financial institutions they owe to tell that they are planning to negotiate about the debt repayment terms. Keep in mind that most of institutions providing financial services will make a new repayment plan for you as they are eager to cooperate with the debtors. So, just take control on your personal finances and you will be able to get rid of your debt for sure.